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Criminal Justice Interpreting

Compass Interpreters works closely with the courts and other criminal justice organizations to provide language support . Interpreters have experience in City, Family, Traffic, and Country courts including criminal trials and proceedings.

Compass Interpreters have worked with the District Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender, and other lawyers needing language support for proceedings, meetings, and depositions.

Compass Interpreters has interpreters trained in Court Interpretation. Interpreters completed a Court Interpreter Training course. The course provides interpreters with legal terminology and an understanding of the court system in the U.S. Through this program the interpreters also practice increased English language skills and prepare to take the New York State English Language Proficiency and Legal Terminology Exam for the Unified Court System.

Participants make visits to the courts and practice arraignments and other proceedings. Additional several guest speakers from the local police department participate in the training to explain different terminology and the role of the police in the entire criminal justice system.

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