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Thank you for your interest in applying with Compass Interpreters. We are looking for professional individuals with multiple language skills who have a strong interest in working with community service providers to facilitate communication with non native speakers of English.

The language services industry is always changing, so we accept applications on a continuing basis. If we do not have positions opened at the time you submit your application please keep in mind that this could change quickly and you could hear from us at any time.

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Download the Application / submit the PDF in form below, or fax to (315) 738.1168.

We accept applications on a continuing basis. If would like to include a resume or copies of certificates, diplomas, or other professional training please upload them with the application.

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Compass Interpreters provides verbal language support for a wide range of service providers including but not limited to Hospitals/Clinics, Health Departments, Social Service Agencies (including home visits), Mental Health facilities, School Districts, Courts, Lawyers, and other organizations involved with the criminal justice system.

Compass Interpreters also translates written documents from one language (source language) to another (target language). If you would like to work solely as a translator, or if you have the skills to work as both an interpreter and a translator please indicate this in the appropriate place on your application. Individuals wishing to translate must have computer skills and be able to type in both English and their native language.

Our decisions to hire an individual is based on language skills, availability, access to transportation, prior medical or interpreting experience and additional professional experience. Given our history as an agency founded on the principals of refugee resettlement we do not require interpreters to have higher education degrees or certificates at the time of applying.

Medical Interpreter Training

Compass Interpreters is committed to assisting with the professionalization of the interpreting field. All interpreters who practice in the medical setting must complete medical interpreter training. Compass Interpreters has a staff Trainer licensed by the nationally recognized Cross Cultural Health Care Program to provide Bridging the Gap, a medical interpreter training program. Interpreters must pass an exam at the end of the training to be qualified to interpret in medical settings. Interpreters completing the course receive a certificate from the Cross Cultural Health Care Program.

Compass Interpreters does not offer the Medical Interpreter Training course to the general community. Only individuals who Compass Interpreters would like to hire are asked to participate in the training course. If you would like to be considered for the training course please submit an application. A nominal fee may be assessed when taking the course. For more information please Contact Us