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Medical Interpreting

Compass Interpreters is committed to assisting with the professionalization of the interpreting field. All interpreters who practice in the medical setting must complete a medical interpreter training course. Compass Interpreters has a Trainer on staff who is licensed by the nationally recognized Cross Cultural Health Care Program (CCHCP) to provide Bridging the Gap, a medical interpreter training program. Interpreters must pass an exam at the end of the training to be qualified to interpret in medical settings. Interpreters completing the course receive a certificate from the Cross Cultural Health Care Program.

Compass Interpreters regularly works with the Oneida County Health Department and other Health Departments to provide interpretation services for specialty clinics and other county services.

As a cultural provision we employ both male and female interpreters in several of the languages of limited diffusion as well as our more commonly spoken languages such as Arabic, Bosnian (commonly spoken in the Utica area) and Spanish. Employing both male and female interpreters is not only a cultural consideration, but a gender consideration, especially with matters of physical and mental health. A Muslim female may have cultural provisions for preferring a female physician, therapist, or interpreter. A rape victim may not have a cultural reason for wanting a female interpreter, but rather a gendered one.

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